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Doctoral supervision

Completed doctoral theses

Current doctoral theses

  • Felix Maas - "Diversity in discourse and practice. Ethnography of the urban diversity discourse for projects with refugees in Berlin“ (discourse analysis of integration policy documents and participatory observation of practices in two integration projects) 
  • Nora Rigamonti - „Aesthetic politics. Experimental interventions in urban spaces and the discourse on refugees in Berlin” (analysis of two art projects engaging with the issue of refugees in Berlin, participatory observation and analysis of digital discourse).
  • Clelia Minnetian - "Innovation as a chiffre of the modern subject. The imperative of innovation in occupational counselling and its effects of subjectivisation” (analysis of practices and technologies of occupational counselling in Germany with regard to how implicit images of subjectivities are conveyed on clients, participatory observation and discourse analysis)
  • Miriam Klemm - "Overshadowed by the Pill. Patterns of reflexive innovation in the development of male contraceptive technology" (comparative analysis of how actors in variously situated technological niches know conditions of the innovation process and how reflexively deal with them, participatory observation and interviews)
  • Kathleen Gilliland - "Infrapolitics of water. Water management and use in Isreal and Palestine" (analysis of how political conflicts are fought out through deployment of water infrastructure and practices of evasion, subversion and resistance in daily life, participatory observation and interviews) 
  • Esther Trost - „Political (dis‐)empowerment through deliberative Fora?“ (revision of empowerment discourse based on different theories of power, ethnographic observation of deliberation projects with regard to how various dimensions of power are at work)
  • Tim Seitz - „Governing through behavioural experiments. An ethnography of behavioural gouvernemental practices “ (praxeological analysis of “nudging experiments” with a view to implicit anthropologies at work in configuring experimental setting)
  • Sabine Biederman - “From food to poop: examining the human microbiome as an innovation field in healthcare” (an ethnographic study of microbiome research with a view to a struggle of multiple conceptualizations and underlying ontologies)
  • Florian Eyert - "Governing through models. Public sector machine learning, contested expertise and the political epistemology of algorithmic governance" (a discourse analytical study of justifications for claims to represent society through the analysis of digital data)

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