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Innovation in Governance


2008-2014, the innovation in governance group pursued research on the emergence, development and expansion of new forms of governance. It put a focus on the intertwining of epistemic and political work in the (re)making of collective orders.

Relevant research was carried out in various traditions, such as interpretive political science and policy studies, governmentality studies, political and organizational sociology, sociology of knowledge and science and technology studies.

The work of the group was supported by a project grant from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Social-Ecological Research Programme to investigate the innovation dynamics of governance instruments in the wider family of environmental markets and public participation methods.


The overarching aim of the research group is to establish a research approach for investigateng the emergence, development and expansion of new forms of governance. To this end, empirical investigations will focus the development of policy instruments from two different families: Tredable permit schemes (e.g. emissions trading, biodiversity credits) and deliberative procedures (e.g. citizens' juries and scenario workshops). The group's work is guided by the following research questions:

  • How do new forms of governance emerge? How do they develop and expand?
  • How do new forms of governance interact with existing governance structures?
  • How do innovations in governance interact with social-ecological transformation processes?
  • How can innovation processes in governace be anticipated and shaped? Three closely-related sub-aims define the scope of the project: (1) The development of a theoretically founded process model on innovations in governance, (2) The empirical reconstruction of innovation processes and (3) Transdisciplinary strategy development for the design of innovations in governance


Jan-Peter Voss 
Principal Investigator

Carsten Mann, Nina Amelung, Arno Simons, Sebastián Ureta
Research Associates

Thomas Crowe, Britta Morich
Project Manager

Louisa Grabner, Dzifa Ametowobla, Jan Hussels, Fabian Schroth, Till Runge, Andreas Veltens
Research Assistants

Mare-Laure Djelic, Anita Engels, Frank Fischer, Patrick Le Galès, Sigrid Quack, Werner Rammert, Arie Rip, Andy Stirling
Advisory Board

Stefan Aykut, Nicolas Baya Laffite, Endre Danyi, David Kocman, Linda Soneryd, Sonja van der Arendt, Eleftheria Vasileiadou
Research Fellows


articles in refereed journals

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chapters in books

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other publications

Fischedick, M., Grunwald, A., Canzler, W., Dieckhoff, C., Hirsch Hadorn, G., Kasten, P., Requate, T., Robinius, M., Thraen, D, Vetter, D., Voss, J.-P. (2017): Pfadabhaengigkeiten in der Energiewende - Das Beispiel Mobilitaet (Schriftenreihe Energiesysteme der Zukunft). Muenchen: acatech, Leopoldina, Union der deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften.

Mann, C., Voss, J.-P., Amelung, N. Simons, A. , Runge, T., Grabner, L. (2014):  Challenging futures of citizen panels. Critical issues for robust forms of public participation. A report based on interactive, anticipatory assessment of the dynamics of governance instruments, 26 April 2013. Berlin: Innovation in Governance Research Group, TU Berlin.

Mann, C., Voss, J.-P., Simons, A. , Amelung, N., Runge, T., Schroth, F. (2014):  Challenging futures of biodiversity offset and banking. Critical issues for robust forms of biodiversity conservation. A report based on interactive, anticipatory assessment of the dynamics of governance instruments, 19 April 2013. Berlin: Innovation in Governance Research Group, TU Berlin.

Voss, J.-P. (2013): Technikwissenschaftliches Wettruesten fuer eine nachhaltige Entwicklung? Wo transformative Wissenschaft hinfuehren koennte. In: oekologisches Wirtschaften 2013 (2), 28-29

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Paetzold, P. (2010). Technologien des Regierens. Eine TU-Nachwuchsgruppe untersucht die Entstehung neuer Politikinstrumente. TU intern 2010 (2-3)


Berlin Forum Innovation in Governance

The Berlin Forum Innovation in Governance provided an interdisciplinary research platform on the genesis, dynamics and politics of new forms of governance. The Forum took place in May from 2010, 2011 and 2012. For further information on the Forum and its aims, please see the conceptual outline.


First forum (2010): Studying the emergence and development of new forms of governance

Thursday 20 & Friday 21 May 2010

Call for Papers
Guidelines & book of abstracts

Keynote speakers
Patrick Le Gales, France - watch the keynote lecture
Arie Rip, The Netherlands - watch the keynote lecture


Second forum (2011): Knowing governance: The making of governance knowledge and the transformation of politics

Thursday 19 & Friday 20 May 2011

Call for Papers
Book of abstracts

Keynote speakers
Marie Laure Djelic, France - Watch the keynote lecture 
Andrew Barry, UK - Watch the keynote lecture


Third forum (2012): Shaping innovation in governance? Inducements, opportunities and limitations for engaging with governance in the making

Thursday 31 May & Friday 1 June 2012

Call for Papers

Keynote speakers
Frank Fischer, USA - Watch the keynote lecture
Andy Stirling, UK - Watch the keynote lecture

Seminar series

The Innovation in Governance seminars feature presentations by invited companion researchers on issues related to the emergence, development, and expansion of new forms of governance.

Hal Colebatch, University of New South Wales
Participation, expertise and the construction of policy work
(28 May 2013)

Peter Stegmaier, University of Twente
The Art and Problem of Ending. The Governance of the Discontinuation of Incandescent Light Bulbs in the Netherlands and other examples
(22 January 2013)

Javier Lezaun, University of Oxford
The Experimentalization of Democracy by the Social Sciences
(18 December 2012)

Jan-Hendrik Passoth

Micro-Performing Macro-Actors. The (ongoing) re-assembling of modern stateness
(11 December 2012)

Endre Danyi, Lancaster University
The things of the parliament
(4 December 2012)

Brice Laurent, Mines ParisTec
From uncertain assemblages to technologies of democracy. Democratic experiences and experiments.
(27 November 2012)

David Kocman, University of Kent
Re-inserting Latour to governmentality studies: intellectual devices and socio-material semiotics of policy worlds
(20 November 2012)

Nicolas Baya-Laffite, Sciences Po Paris
Moments in life (of policy instruments): EIA and BAT at trial
(30 October 2012)

Michael Guggenheim, University of London
Bunkers and Other Risk-Assessments. The Political Logic of (Im-)Material Disaster Preparedness.
(11 October 2012)

Rob Hoppe, University of Twente
Institutional and practical constraints on participatory policy making
(24 May 2012)

Richard Freeman, University of Edinburgh
Assemblage, alignment, articulation: the project in/of EU governance
(1 March 2012)

Kristin Asdal, University of Oslo
(1 February 2012)

Ingmar Lippert

Extending 'Carbon': Emissions as Instrumental for Hegemonic Environmental Destruction?
(28 June 2011)

Eleftheria Vasileiadou, VU University Amsterdam
Stakeholder consultations in the Energy Directorate: Can they help integrate climate change?
(21 June 2011)

Detlef Sack
Win-win situations and politicisation - the institutionalisation of public private partnerships
(28 April 2011)

Peter Wehling, Augsburg University
Discursive construction of technology
(7 April 2011)

Ross Beveridge
Foucault and ANT in the analysis of processes of privatisation
(24 March 2011)

Anna Henkel
Title: Attributed responsibility. Postheroism and personal autonomy in technological civilization
(17 March 2011)

Dieter Plehwe, Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB)
Think tank networks
(10 March 2011)

Enrico Gualini
Urban development projects as 'reflexive' modes of governance? On analysing  projects as policy instruments.
(10 February 2011)

Carsten Reinhardt
Regulatory knowledge and regulatory concepts
(17 June 2010)

Werner Rammert
Konzept von Technik und Technisierung in der Techniksoziologie (Concept of technology and technisation in sociological technology studies)
(10 June 2010)

Natascha Trennepohl, Pimentel Lopes
Climate Governance in Brazil: The Actors in the National Policy on Climate Change and their Role in the Carbon Market
(4 March 2010)

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


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